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Meizu EP51 Review

When it comes to wireless headphones, the options appear to have become endless in recent years. You can find cheap and generic sitting next to the AA batteries at local grocery stores, or you can go for the rapper-endorsed and overpriced headphones locked away in a secure cabinet at nationwide electronics superstores. But what seems to be absent from the selection are good middle-of-the-road options which is why I’ve decided to take a look at the Meizu EP51 which hope to change that.

MEIZU EP51 Specs

Charging interface: Micro USB
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Impedance: 16ohms
Sensitivity: 87dB±3dB
Input Power: 10mW
Talk time: 6h
Music Time: 6h
Standby time: 400h
Charging Time (h): 2h
Microphone Sensitivity: -42db±3db
Bluetooth: V4.0
Bluetooth distance: W/O obstacles 10m
Bluetooth protocol: A2DP,AVRCP,HFP
Battery Capacity(mAh): 60mAh
aptX/CSR supported

What’s in the box

  • Meizu EP51 wireless earbuds
  • Carrying case
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • Various size earbud tips
  • Documentation


I wasn’t surprised at the design of the Meizu EP51 wireless earbuds, Meizu makes some very nice smartphones and this design is no exception. First off, the build quality is quite impressive considering the price. Made from high quality aluminium and plastics these things feel more than solid. A very slick design with nice subtle Meizu EP51 branding on the side. The cable is nice though I would have liked to have seen a braided cable instead.


Bluetooth devices are getting easier and easier to use and the Meizu EP51 earbuds are no exception. Be sure you plug them in before first use and charge the battery fully for best performance. It took about 30 minutes, out of the box, to top them off. Meizu says it takes 2 hours to fully charge them from a dead state, I found it took about 1.5 hours. The cable houses the independent volume control (a feature I love) as well as the mic and microUSB charging port. The aluminum ends of the earbuds also house magnets which keep the earbuds locked together when stored in the very nice case.

Sound Quality

The Meizu EP51 sound quality is really amazing, considering the price point. The sound is balanced well with a slight favoring toward the high end of the spectrum. The lows are there but they’re not booming like some other earbuds. This may not be your cup of tea, I enjoy some music with a bit more bass boost and some without it, if you’re a bass lover you might look elsewhere. But overall, the sound quality is quite nice and noise isolation is phenomenal.

Call Quality

I don’t often use these devices for phone calls, I generally switch to the speaker when taking a call. The Meizu EP51 call quality is fine, it’s not amazing but most earbud/headphone products that do phone calls are weak in call quality. As far as Bluetooth reception, these are Bluetooth 4.0 and have a range of 30ft from the source device and that stands about true.

Battery Life

Advertised 6 hours of music time, which is dependent on volume as well, I got just over 6 hours average. Given the battery is tiny, 60mAh, I found that acceptable but would love to see it improve.

The Verdict

Overall, the Meizu EP51 bluetooth earbuds are well-designed and stylish, and can easily compete with many of the more expensive earbuds in the market. Worth picking up if you want a decent sounding, well built pair of wireless earbuds.

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